Perfectly Normal Podcast

June 25, 2018


The Perfectly Normal Podcast


Okay everyone, today is the day! The Perfectly Normal Podcast is out! You can listen to episode one right now on the iTunes Store, Google Play Music, and Soundcloud! If you have no Idea what I’m talking about, read on and find out! 


Jeff Newman and I have started a collaborative project. One that serves a variety of purposes. One, it will hopefully get us more involved in the community of Calgary, two, it gives us a creative outlet, and three, exposes our work to a market to which we have not previously tapped into.



The first product of this collaboration is kicking off today with the Perfectly Normal Podcast dropping in the iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud platforms. All of these are free to the listener and we hope you will give them a try! 


Our first episode is all about how we got into magic. Jeff and I talk about our journey through this art form and how we got from being enthusiasts to full time professional performers. 


This is one of many great episodes that we have in store for you and we really hope you will enjoy what we are putting out. AND if you like The Perfectly Normal Podcast, stay tuned to my blog and to all things Newman & Price to find out about the other parts of our collaboratives projects when they start to emerge!


Until Next Week, 




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