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Working Out is Hard

Updated: Jan 6

Recently, I made the decision (was forced by Jeff) to start working out! so! naturally, I held off for as long as I possibly could. If there is one thing you should know about me its that you should not exercise me...Here's why!

My sister signed up with a company called Orange Theory Fitness. They run different one hour workout circuits 365 (give or take) days of the year and apart from being extremely helpful for Taylor, they are very pushy about getting their current members' friends and family to come in and try a free workout! SOO! After saying no multiple times, I finally gave in and went in for my one free workout!

When I arrive, I am extremely awkward. I sit on a bench against a glass wall that looks into the work out area as I wait to go in for what will soon be the worst decision I have ever made in my life thus far!

When the workout started, I was on a treadmill next to a 70 - 90 year old woman who was warming up by running approximately 70 - 90 km/ hour while I strolled at a breakneck 4 km/ hour!

After we were done the warmups we moved to the rowing machines and from the rowing machines to the floor where we did some jumping, lifting, and some stretching wall thing... suffice it to say that we were thoroughly worked out by the time we were done on the floor... all of the above was in the first seven minutes of the workout!

Some of this was repeated and some things were added or adjusted. By minute 37 of this 60 minute workout, I was feeling a bit...vomity. So, I left my treadmill and went into the lobby where I had a drink from a fountain and decided that this is where I would stop for the day. When I made this decision, and informed the two employees at the desk, I started to put my shoes on and get ready to go as the vomity feeling began to become more of a threat. As I leaned over to tie my shoes, I felt the vomit creep up from my stomach and rest in my throat ready to explode out of my mouth! just as I was ready to stand, the front desk employee came over to try and sell me a membership. A conversation that went on for far to long when I had no intention to buy a membership and I was seconds to throwing up on this nice ladies shoes!

By the time I finally got out of the gym, into my car, and home I barely made it to the bathroom where I ended up throwing up...FOUR TIMES!

All that being said, I have started working out a little less intensely with my partner in crime, Jeff Newman! He is extremely knowledgeable about this type of thing and has been extremely helpful, giving me a circuit that I can do effectively and without throwing up!

I obviously had nothing else to write about this week so I thought I would share this story with you! I also have no images of me working out so Here is a picture of my favourite Muppet Character!

Until Next Week,


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