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Happy Monday Everyone,

It's Halloween this Wednesday, which means you will have a bunch of strangers and their little monsters (it's not rude because they are literally dressed as monsters) knocking on your door, trick and/or treating you as it were. Halloween has to be my least favourite "holiday" I don't like scary things, I am not a fan of candy, I hate dressing up (in costume) I hate excursive so the whole walking door to door for something that I already had access to at home never really appealed to get the point! Halloween for me, not the best time of year! (Nevertheless, here is me in some of my choice halloween costumes! NOTICE... I am a magical being in TWO costumes!)

As we approach the (insert your personally celebrated winter holiday) season, you may be tasked with putting together a wicked awesome holiday party. You have the venue, you know what you're going to eat, you have sent out your invites and now everything is ready...Except it's NOT! You have forgotten all about the entertainment. Well, don't worry friend, I still have a handful of open dates and here are three reasons to have a sick magic show/ magician at your event!


Magic is a unique form of entertainment that many people have never experienced live! why not bring them the best present they will receive this holiday season? You could be responsible for introducing your colleagues to a really awesome theatrical experience and a wicked awesome magician?


Magic shows are an interactive and entertaining alternative to other forms of entertainment. While a band is a great form of entertainment for many occasions, a band provides a passive experience, you can either pay attention or not. A magician (Ben Price) brings you and your company together while you all actively participate in the show! while everyone might not be brought up on stage to personally volunteer, everyone is invested in their friends, family, & colleagues looking awesome on stage! stage shows and walk around magic bring people together in a collective experience like no other form of entertainment!


A Magic show is a growing art form and their are a lot of popular television shows starting to come out on television networks and internet streaming sites such as Netflix. When you have the chance to bring a non-standard form of entertainment to your event, You can rest assured that Magic is an off the wall but safe bet as it is growing in popularity in our culture today!

SO! if these reasons haven't convinced you that you are going to need me at your next event, Get in touch with me here and we can talk more about how a magician is the right style of entertainment to add to your upcoming celebration!

Until Next Week,


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