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Costco Says it's Christmas

Yesterday I closed The Bat at Cowtown Opera. After a few weeks of not having any groceries in the house, I went to Costco to buy some food that wasn't Doritos and apple juice...I noticed that Costco has all of the Christmas decorations up...That means the Christmas Party season is upon us and that means corporate bookings! If you are or know who is in charge of planning your Christmas or Holiday party, here are three things you need to know!

Book Early!

If you haven't yet booked your parties' entertainment, you are really behind! Don't worry though! There is still a lot of space in the schedules of entertainers. Get in touch to ask how we can fit into your schedule! If you think a magician would make your event one your colleagues wont forget, get in touch with me here!

Ask & Answer Questions

You are the one who knows your event best. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions to ensure you will get the best experience possible from what ever entertainment you are eventually going to book! On the flip side, your entertainment should have a handful of questions for you! Items of information that will help them prepare themselves for your event. answer those as quickly and as concisely as you can! If you cant answer the questions they have, put them in touch with someone at your venue that can. We, as traveling entertainers, encounter all kinds of spaces that have all kinds of quirks. We aren't strangers to adapting to different surroundings but it is nice to know beforehand what we are walking into.

Try Something New

If you are dreading going to your company party, it may be because you are dreading sitting through the same old program as last year and the year before and the year before that...well, make a change! Maybe you always have the same band, or maybe you bring in the same comedian! This year, try a magician. Magic is becoming more and more popular in the mainstream and you could be a part of this pop culture hit! If you are interested in seeing what a magician can add to your company event, get in touch with Ben here and ask how he can make your holiday party one to remember!

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