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Technically Tuesday

So, Normally these blogs come out on a Monday. Well let me tell you, I have not had a moment of ME time in the last 48 hours!

As you may or may not know, I am in Edmonton at the Edmonton International Fringe

Theatre Festival with my show Rabbit Stew! On the Weekend, Megan was kind enough

to come all the way to Edmonton on a bus to see my show and I was barely able to spend time with her! I spent all the time she was here, talking to strangers to get them to come to my show! thankfully, they did come and we had a great Time together!

Tonight, (Monday night) I had a 10:45pm show and I spent ALL MONDAY in the day trying to get people to buy tickets. (With a lot of help from Hannah Rud!)

My show was absolutely fantastic, the crowd was full of energy and lovely to work with and now, Im tired and want to sleep! SO! please enjoy this video of me at the fringe free-for-all doing an effect from my show (Pared down to a 90 second bit)


Until next Monday!


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