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The Disaster Days

The last few days have been quite a cluster!

When I arrived in Edmonton on Friday, I went to the festival grounds and got my artist package then headed over to the Yardbird Suite for my tech rehearsal. When I finished up my rehearsal, I headed to my billet where I discovered I didn’t have my computer charger. And that’s why this blog coming out so late!

Let’s talk about some of this!

Pulling into YEG

My technical rehearsal went really well. My technicians are truly professionals who know what they’re doing. I was extremely nervous about the whole thing and once I arrived and got started, it was a breeze and I know my show is in good hands! Here’s something you might find interesting about the festival! My rehearsal on Friday evening was my last and only rehearsal with the technicians until my first show on the 17th. SO! When you see a stellar fringe show, know that those technicians are true masters of their crafts, having one short rehearsal with every group in their venue and then run their shows like they have seen them 1000 times!

The missing charger

My charger has been in Calgary since I left and my computer died the day I arrived! Jeff and Hannah will be bringing my charger when they come to Edmonton tomorrow! So in the meantime! I have borrowed Megan’s brothers charger! The last few days without a charger have been a bit stressful, having to work from my phone, not being able to post podcasts and blogs and such!

Without being able to do all of that, I spent my days hanging posters, finishing up some props, and running through my show!

Speaking of Podcasts…The Perfectly Normal Podcast will be recording a special fringe series for the next week and a half! There are a lot of special guests lined up and there is going to be episodes released throughout the festival.

Now, If you would do me a favour and subscribe, listen to, and rate our podcast here! Buy tickets to Rabbit Stew here, and let me know what you think about these blogs by getting in touch with me here!

Until Next week,


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