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YYC to YEG (Fringe Tips)

This Thursday I leave for Edmonton to start prepping for the two weeks of shows I have at the Edmonton International fringe Festival. Friday is my tech time and my first show is on the 17th at 7:30 pm in the Yardbird Suite at 11 Tommy Banks Way. If you’re in Edmonton and want to take part in a cool theatrical experience, I implore you to check out Rabbit Stew!

For those of you who are maybe new to Fringe or maybe just want a different perspective to seeing shows. Here are my three tips to picking out shows at the festival.


See at least three unknown things. The beauty of the fringe is that there are so many new, experimental, and just plain crazy shows. If you spend all of your time seeing shows by people you know or people you have heard of through reviews, friends, advertising, etc… you are missing out on all of the hidden gems that the Fringe has to offer.

Megan and I pack our schedules FULL! When we go. 5 – 8 shows per day! Some shows we know and trust and the others, we just liked the sound of or the picture, or the name. I can’t tell you how many times we are surprised by what we find and I promise, you too will have moments like this if you give those unknowns a chance!


Listen to the pitches. Artists at the fringe walk around all day with little pamphlets and they give you a 10 – 30 second pitch of their show in hopes that they can entice you to come see the show they have created. While I can understand how this might seem annoying or inconvenient, trust me, it’s worth it. Maybe there was something you heard of that you were going to see, you listen to their pitch and find out it’s an all nude show….not the actors…. YOU! Maybe you’re not into that so you pick something else. That’s an extreme example and I don’t think it’s legal so it would never happen but you know what I mean! These artists work hard to craft the perfect pitch, you’re at the festival, the least you could do is hear them out.


See the outdoor shows! The street pitches are some of my favorite shows. These consist of mostly circus act style performance such as, juggling, unicycling, magic, fire spinning, escapology, and many more but no matter what, every juggler will be different, every escapologist will have a different presentation, every fire spinner will have a new take.

The outdoor shows are so entertaining and best of all, they are free…to an extent. These artists are out there working their butts off for donations. This is their job. You may not give them the 13 dollar ticket fee like you would for a full show but they entertained you just as much and that’s worth something. So before you watch and walk away… think about tossing something in the hat.

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