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BPM - Update

Here are a few things you should be aware of for the upcoming weeks!

One: I will be in Lethbridge Alberta on August 2, for the Junior Canadian Little Leagues

championship banquet! I’m not a player but I will be performing for them. I am really looking forward to that. You can’t come unless you’re a player, parent, sibling, coach, or otherwise associated with the tournament, but I thought you should know!

Two: Jeff and Hannah are in Saskatoon now! (Photo Below as Proof of what I say is true) This means, if you are listening to The

Perfectly Normal Podcast, this week and next week’s episodes are bank shows. but they are still fun! Give them a listen. Here is a link to this week’s show!

This also means that if you are in or around the Saskatoon area and you want to catch an amazing show, check out Jeff Newman: Mind Games at the Broadway theatre during the Nutrien Fringe Festival. If you want more information, find it here!

Three: In eleven days I will be making my way to Edmonton for my Tech time at the Yardbird Suite. Tech time is when an artist and technicians/designers/directors/crew are in the theatre alone, and they work through the show building all the light and sound cues. It’s a crazy but exciting time! I’m VERY nervous to do my first fringe tech. I have done my fair share of tech as a stage manager and a few as a performer, but this will be my first fringe tech and it is scaring the hell out of me!

Four: Rabbit Stew premiers at the Edmonton Fringe on August 17th. Tickets go on sale august 8that 12 noon! For more information visit

Five: During the Edmonton Fringe Festival, The Perfectly Normal Podcast will be recording Live episodes at The Billiard Club with special fringe guests! Keep up to date by following us on Facebook, twitter, & Instagram!

Well, that’s it for this week.

If you have questions or comments, please get in touch with me here! And if you have suggestions for future blog topics, let me know here!

Until next week,


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