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The Numbers You Want

Are you planning an event? Are you thinking back to other events organised by your organisation and worried that your attendance will be poor? Well! This just might be the blog for you! I’m going to give you my tips for increasing the numbers at your events!

What is This Event For?

A lot of groups and organisations Need to put on events throughout the year in order to raise funds for activities or to present information to board members or shareholders but that’s not the only reason to hold an event. Even if the reason you’re having an event is to get people out and have some fun, Perfect. You have a reason, you know WHY you’re holding your event. This is important. If you start planning an event with no purpose in mind, you’re sure to lack a crowd!

Identify your audience!

Now that you know what your event is for, focus in on your targeted audience. Are you looking for families? Adults? Seniors? Children only? All are great and there are events that will suit all of these demographics. In order for your event to be a success, you MUST know who your audience is!


Sponsorship is an excellent way to increase the number of attendees at your events. Especially if you are a smaller group, the right sponsor can help you attract like-minded individuals who would not have seen your event without the help of your sponsor.

If you’re thinking that a sponsor is more hassle than it’s worth, I implore you to seek out a sponsor for at least one event. You’ll find that your numbers increase and your event reaches a wider audience thanks to the partnership you have formed.


When planning your event, take into consideration the cost of the event and the date and time!

If you charge for your event, it is a proven fact that the higher the ticket price, the more likely your patron is to attend. Which makes sense. If you pay a lot for your experience, you’ll want to make sure you can take advantage.

That being said, there is something to be said for free events. Just know, if your event is free, your outreach needs to be doubled. Simply put, people will say yes but “statistically, It is 100% easier not to do things than it is to do them” John Mulaney. What does that mean? It means on the day of the event, any slight doubt about going will stop most of your attendees. BUT! If you have proper outreach you’re likely to get just as many people as you would with a ticketed event. All of this said, both options are valid and work for all manner of events. Choose which is right for you and make it work!


I cannot stress this enough. Have some kind of entertainment at your event. I have yet to be at an event where entertainment was intrusive and bothersome. If you don’t have entertainment at your event, you’re hosting a boring event! There is a right style of entertainment for every event. Acoustic guitar player, pianist, Magician!, full band, and orchestra, comedian, Magician! Clown, Magician!!, bingo, a movie, a MAGICIAN!

All kidding aside, playing music through the PA is not entertainment. Your guests want to have a good night and no matter the event, whatever the main event is… supplement it with something. This will absolutely get hoards more people to your event AND keep them there longer.

Social Media!

Especially today, social media is absolutely essential for getting people out to your event! It is well worth it for you to invest in social media campaigns and post regularly on all platforms. This being said, even when you don’t have an event going on, you should be active on your social media platforms. This gets people used to looking at your content and when it comes time for your events, they will be sure to notice your posts as well as the change in frequency at which you are positing!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know here. If you have suggestions for future blogs let me know here. And if you are looking to book entertainment for your next event, get in touch with me here and we can discuss what would fit best for you!

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