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What to Look For In an Event Venue

Are you planning a big event? A wedding, special birthday, grad party, reunion, cricket world cup finals viewing party? Whatever the event, you’re going to need a place to gather. Finding a venue can be one of the most taxing parts of event planning. You have something special in mind for this occasion and the venue is a big part of making that dream a realization. The venue sets the mood so it is important that it is right!

Don’t stress, here are my Five tips that will make finding your next venue a breeze.


You probably have a certain ‘feel’ in mind. If not, pick something simple. Do you want a modern feel, a seasonal feel, vintage, rustic, chic, classy? All great choices, but you need to make sure that whatever the atmosphere is that you are going for… The venue has the right ambiance to make your guests feel like they are in that type of setting. This sets the mood for the entire evening.


When looking at venues, you should consider the distance from (the majority of) your guests. How will your guests get to and from the venue? Will they need to stay overnight or for the weekend? Are there accommodations around if they do? Will there be parking? Do people have to take multiple types of transportation to get to the venue? All thigs to consider when looking into event venues.


How many guests do you need to fit into this venue? If you have a hall that will fit 100 people but you are only inviting 5… Is this really the right venue for you? Maybe… I don’t know. All I’m saying is make sure it is the right size for all your partying needs.


I feel like no matter what I am talking about, food is always mentioned. But hey… food keeps the people happy. When looking into a venue, make sure that they give you the freedom you need when it comes to the menu. Is it only one menu? Are there buffet options? Is the menu customizable? Do they have a variety of dietary options? All things to consider.


Perhaps the most important factor in venue choice is the subject of cost. First of all, how does the venue establish cost? Is it hourly or lump sum? What is included in the cost? The last thing you want is to book a venue and find a ton of hidden costs later on once you start planning the event. Make sure you are diligent with the venue manager or booker about what you expect to be covered and what they are willing to offer. It’s better to know about the added costs up front then it is to be surprised.

Ultimately, the venue is the hub of whatever event you are throwing. Whether you decide on an arena that holds ten thousand or a backyard that holds 50, your event will be remarkable having thought out your venue choice thoroughly before hand.

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