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Ben Price Magic: An Update

Canada Day…Was Yesterday

I was in Granum Alberta for a Canada day show. Megan and I spent the afternoon in Granum before returning to Calgary to take in the lovely July first fireworks display with Jeff Newman and Hannah Rud! Last week was quite busy and this week is no different.

My partner in crime, Jeff and I are headed down to Kensington today to start a new project. This endeavour has been a long time in the making and today we are finally breaking the metaphorical ground. Hopefully you will see the fruits of our labor very soon!

Along with that. You should head over to the iTunes store, Google Play Music, or SoundCloud and find the Perfectly Normal Podcast. Jeff and I discuss all sorts of topics from the weird and bizarre world of performance, magic, and beyond. We release every Monday (Which is today…if you’re reading this when it comes out) and we are fairly new! Start listening now because you don’t have a lot to catch up on!

Other than that, I haven’t been up to much else.

As always, If you enjoyed this little entry, let me know here. If you have questions, comments, suggested topics, or more, Let me know here.

Until next week,


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