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Close-up Magic is Really Cool

When I get a call from a potential client, one of the most important conversations we have is about the style of show they would like to have at their event. Most clients end up going with a stage or parlour show and shy away from having close-up magic. There are a few reasons for this. The main reason is they have two or three hundred people attending their event and they are worried that close-up magic won’t entertain the entirety of the guest list. I'm going to tell you a few reasons why you want to have a close-up magician at your next event.

Right now, close-up magic is more popular than ever. People love to have the magic happen right in front of their eyes, they want to hold the props and be a part of the illusion. In most cases the magic is way stronger having happened in their hands. Not only that, It’s stronger for the other spectators because it happened in the hands of their friends.

To combat the issue of making sure everyone can see the show, consider having a close-up room or area. I recently attended a discussion with a magician named David Parr. Something he said he does at his close up magic events is having the host hand out tickets. These tickets will let the guests know it’s their turn in the close-up room. Once those guests are done, they can hand the special ticket to a friend or colleague who will then take their turn in the close-up room.

This is great for two reasons. One, your guests get a chance to see fantastic, close-up magic in an intimate and personalised atmosphere. And two, the magic, while only for small groups at a time, continues throughout the evening, keeping people talking all night. There is always a new group getting to see the magic and they bring back stories to those who have yet to see it and for those who have already had their turn.

Maybe you’re thinking that your venue doesn’t have another room or area that can be used for a close up room. That’s not a problem either. Strolling magic is a perfectly acceptable way to go. This is essentially the same thing as having a room except the magician comes to you. At events where I have performed close-up magic and roaming magic, I love to watch as a table I have already been to crane their neck and try to watch as I perform for another table. Or better yet, watching a spectator run to another table after I leave to either sit in again, or tell their friends to watch for ‘that cool thing with the cards’ or ‘that ice cube bit’

Regardless of how you are getting close-up magic into your next event, think it over. While it may seem like a stage or parlour show are the way to go, close-up magic is a unique and fun way to add some entertainment to your private party, corporate event, festival, or special event.

I hope you have enjoyed this read. If you have questions about adding any kind of show to your next event, contact me here. I love to hear from potential clients and answer any questions you may have.

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