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So, You Want To Be a Great Magician?

If you have always had an interest in learning magic, or your child has an interest, this blog entry is for you! I'm going to give you the bare bones version of what it takes to be a great professional magician!

Step 1: Be a magician. You’ll notice that I didn’t say be a ‘great magician’. That’s the tough part! First you just need to be a magician. What I mean by this is you need to have two or three small tricks up your sleeve (Pun fully intended) and you need to be willing to try and perform them for people you know. Without the willingness to perform, you’re just someone who does magic in their bedroom… That’s cool if that’s what you’re going for, but my advice is, share the magic. People love magic!

Okay, so now you have two magic tricks that you can do… Whoopie. Now what?

Step 2: Practice, Practice, Practice! I know that this is tough. Trust me, I’m really bad for this. I put off practicing all the time. Self-discipline is key here. If you can’t dedicate the time to practicing and learning your new art, than you must not want to be a great magician after all.

Alright, now I’ve practiced these two tricks until my fingers bled, what’s next.

Step 3: READ. Now, when I say read, I really mean learn, and when I say learn…well that one is just learn… You constantly need to be educating yourself and taking in as much information as you possibly can. That is how you get better. When I was first starting out, I really only had books at my disposal. But now, we are lucky enough to have videos, books, the internet, magazines, social media, and so many other outlets that you can use to educate yourself and learn magic. Learning about magic, about what is being done and by who, is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a beginner magician.

So, I have read three books, watched two instructional DVDs, and I subscribed to a teaching channel on YouTube. What now?

Step 4: Find your place. What kind of magician do you want to be? Do you want to be a comedy magician? Do you want to be a serious dramatic magician? Do you want to do spooky magic, mentalism, object manipulation, close up, cards, ropes, balls…The list goes on and on! The trick to being a great magician, is knowing the basics in all of these different magic disciplines but focusing in on an area and setting yourself up in that genre.


When I say you need to find your place, that is by no means a one-time choice and once you’re there, you’re stuck for life. As a beginner, you need to experiment. If you start with object manipulation, build yourself an act, work it, and make it your own. If your interest in it dwindles, find yourself a new place. Sometimes change is what we need to spark our creativity!

Okay ... I learned a few things, I’ve practiced a lot, I’ve read Hocus Pocus Jr. and Magic: The Complete Course, I’ve found my place… after realising a cigarette act wasn’t really for me, I found my place again…. Am I a great magician now?

NO. Keep reading.

Step 5: Now that you’ve put together an act, you need to go back to the practice step…But this practice step is a bit different. Now you need to put your craft into practice! Much like a doctor practices… so must we! As a magician, you must practice your art in front of live audiences. Whether it be your family, a children’s party, a public event, a school talent show, there are so many opportunities for young magicians to perform, so get out there and do it!

Step 6: Repeat step one through five. The steps may be a bit different now because you may have more complex tricks, or maybe now they are effects, not tricks at all. Maybe you have a specific show that you’re practicing for, maybe you’ve found that you enjoy the history of magic more than you do performing. All of this is great. It takes all kinds to keep the art of magic alive. Wherever you fit in, that’s cool. Don’t give up!

THAT’S IT! Now you’re a great magician. Wasn’t so hard was it? Yeah…its pretty easy to be a great magician. Now, I have a bit of a confession, when I say great magician I don’t mean you’re going to be famous, or you’re going to be rich. I do mean you’re going to do great things and be great at doing magic. And isn’t that cool? I hope you think so, because I do!

If you are a parent who has a child who is interested in magic and they have questions about books, DVDs, or online recourses, send me an email and I would be happy to give some recommendations!

If you’re an adult and have an interest in magic, you can email me yourself! I’m happy to answer any type of questions you may have!

Until Next week,


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