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Do You Want Magic With That?

If you own, operate, or manage a restaurant, you may be faced with the daunting task of trying to get clientele in to the establishment to create revenue and returning business. But there are so many restaurants, pubs, bistros, microbreweries, cafés, and pop-ups to choose from!

So how do you create a buzz around your restaurant to get customers through your doors? Why not bring in a magician?


How does having a magician in our restaurant work?

Having a magician in your restaurant is extremely easy. If you have ever been to a wedding or corporate event where there was a strolling magician who moved from group to group or table to table, that’s exactly what you're in for when you hire a magician for your restaurant.

It's a great way to create a buzz inside and out of your establishment and make your guests' visit one to remember.

What if my Clientele Doesn’t Enjoy Magic?

Everyone loves magic! Even the ‘clever guy’ at the table who has to act cool to make everyone think he’s the smartest. He may take a jab or two at the magician but he’s loving every minute of it. Don’t worry…your secret is safe with me!

In actuality, the plus side to hiring a professional magician for your restaurant is that a magician can gauge the crowd to ensure that those who want to enjoy the magic will, and leave the guests who are content to be left alone.

Isn’t Having a Magician at my Restaurant Intrusive?

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. Have you ever been to an establishment where they have a band or a stand-up comedian? The guests have no choice but to hear the entertainment, whatever it may be. The beauty of having a professional magician as your evening’s entertainment is the personalization of the act.

As I mentioned above, a professional magician will personalize the act to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves and only working with those guests that want to enjoy the entertainment. Because close up magic is performed for such a small group at a table, none of the other customers will be disturbed when the magician is not with them.

When Should the Magician Perform?

This comes down to the Owner, Operator, or Manager. You know your venue better than anyone, and ultimately, you know what it needs to be a successfully run restaurant. If you are looking to add a close up magician to your restaurant but aren’t quite sure how it will go over, have a trial run on a slow night.

Doing this will give you a sense of how a close up magician fits into your flow of things and maybe bring in some more foot traffic on a night where you would normally have a lull.

On the evening, your magician will approach anywhere from 10 – 100 tables, depending on your arrangement. This will take place sometime between the main course being delivered and the drinks having been brought to the table. If your establishment is a well-oiled machine, this gives the magician anywhere from 15 – 20 minutes. During this time they will perform for the table, and leave them enough time to use the washroom and maybe refresh their beverage before their food is delivered.

A professional magician will know how to work with you and your staff to ensure they aren’t getting in the way of the important bits of the restaurants function. The last thing you need is a server holding back food because the magician is occupying the table.

Won’t the Magic Get Old?

As a professional magician, I am constantly refreshing my repertoire to keep things fresh and interesting.

That being said, the first thing you want once you’ve seen a magic trick… is to see it again! You have watched it once and now, you want to figure it out. Your customers will also turn this feeling into free marketing. They are going to tell their friends that they need to see it, and that in turn generates new clientele for your restaurant.

If your customers return to see magic and the trick happens to be the same, you can rest assured that they will enjoy it just as much the second time. People are excited to witness magic so close up that they will be excited to any magic and that is what will keep them coming back time and again. That and the great food and service.

Will the Magician Make the Dining Experience Memorable?

If you are an owner, operator, or manager, you know that one of the main objectives of your restaurant is to make a lasting impression. This will create recurring customers and grow your business with a glowing reputation. A magician can only help you in this area.

Because close-up magic is such an intimate and personal experience, your clients are sure to have a memorable evening. Close-up magicians often perform with small items such as cards, coins, personal items, and everyday objects that once used, can be given to the spectator. After being used in the trick, these objects are no longer ‘everyday’, they become souvenirs that your customers can take away and share with friends and family.

I hope you have enjoyed this read. If you have any questions or comments about this blog entry, please get in touch by clicking here. If you have general questions or suggestions and would like to send them my way, I look forward to hearing from you here.

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