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Six tips to make your next event one to remember

As the Christmas season bookings start to roll in, my inbox is flooded with questions. And not just about all things magic but questions about other events at which I have performed, or what makes or breaks a party. Having performed for more holiday parties than years I have been alive, I know a thing or two about what can help your corporate party go from and awkward chatter fail to a holiday spectacular to remember.

Here are my six tips to an unforgettable holiday party!

Number one: This is a very significant aspect of good party planning. And a lot of times, flies under the radar. Choose an appropriate day and time for your event! While this may seem superfluous, it is something you should give a little thought. Book your party as early on in the year as you can so you have the largest selection of dates and times available. No one wants to have to go to work the morning after a big party, so weekends tend to work best for most events, however, leaving your party planning till the last minute could leave you with a Wednesday night flop!

Number Two: Choose the right venue. The venue sets the stage for the whole evening. If you have your event in the back alley of the 7/11 it will be a lot different than an event at The Baron.

Both valid options, but you need to decide which direction is right for you. There are so many great options in Calgary and you should do some research to find what venue is right for you and your co-workers. And please… don’t have the party in your office! I’m sure it’s a very nice office but the last place everyone wants to be for a holiday celebration is in ‘Frank from HR’s’ cubicle. Branch out, explore locations near you. If you need some help, here is a list of some of the best venues in Calgary.

Number Three: Talk to your employees, co-workers, or party planning committee teammates about previous years’ events. If you are new to the party planning gig, it might be helpful to have some input regarding what worked at previous company events, and what didn’t go over so well. This can include, but is not limited to, what type of food was served and in what manner, how many speeches were there, who gave those speeches, was there a paid bar or was it free, was there games and what were they? I mean, Pin the Tail on the Donkey was a good effort but…maybe we go another direction this year.

Number Four: Consider having a theme. I have yet to perform at a pirate holiday party, but a boy can dream. That being said, I have performed at events that are black tie, casino themed, and even one Harry Potter themed party!

A theme can be as simple or as complex as you would like it. Having a theme to your party or event will help you create an atmosphere and aid you in the rest of your planning. Your decorations, your meal, the games, the party favours, the dress code – they can all follow the same theme. Most importantly, your guests will have a good time playing along with a theme.

Number Five: Have some activities that can go on throughout the evening. Not only will this keep your guests entertained and engaged as the night progresses, but it’s a fun way to reward some of your employees or co-workers with fun tokens of the evening. One of the most popular activities I have seen at a lot of my recent events are photo booths with props.

These are especially popular at weddings, but they are a great fit at any special event! Having props like hats, moustaches, glasses on a stick, chalkboard speech bubbles, pool noodles, and anything else you can find in the dollar store toy aisle make for a fun and entertaining evening. People can take pictures for free with their phones, OR you can have a few disposable cameras at the station that can be printed and brought into the office after the holidays. This is a nice way to start off the first day back to work and remind your colleagues of the great party you threw.

Number Six: This is possibly the most important aspect of the party planning! Entertainment! You may be saying to yourself, 'you’re a professional entertainer, of course you would say it’s the most important' but trust me, I believe this whole heartedly to be true! The right entertainment can make or break your event. If you have a bad DJ, comedian, magician, or animal act, your event can become an instant flop. Choosing the right entertainment will make you as the party planner seem like an absolute hero. Hiring a magician for your event will ensure your guests will have the time of their lives. Magic has a way of bringing the best out in people. By sharing in the group aspect of a good magic show, guests will have shared experiences to remember for months to come. Close up magic or a stage show can take your event from good to great all thanks to you!

I hope these tips help you get started on your party planning adventures. If you are looking to book entertainment for your holiday party and you have questions about Ben Price Magic and the services I can provide for you, send me an email at

Until next week, thanks for reading.


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