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Why Hire a Magician?

Are you about to start planning a Birthday party, Wedding, Corporate event, Private function, or special occasion celebration?

If so, you may be in the middle of trying to decide what to do about the entertainment. If this sounds at all familiar, you may find that a close-up or stage magic show is exactly what you’re looking for.

And if you are sincerely doubting whether or not a Magician is the right fit for your event, read on and find out the 6 reasons you need to have one at your next big do!

It’s extremely entertaining!

Lets get this out of the way right now. Watching magic is hella fun! No matter who you are. Don't get me wrong, there are those tricks that everyone has seen at a family function. Some crazy relative saw something online or in an old book, and they bore the heck out of everyone while they drone on trying to be hilarious, and then... they pull their thumb off... NO! not fun! sit down Greg!

But watching someone who has dedicated years of practice to mind boggling illusions and brain frying effects is worth while entertainment, and it is sure to keep your guests entertained and happy throughout your event.

Ambiance is key, help break the ice.

Have you ever been to a party where no one is talking, everyone is standing off to the side minding their own business, and the party just won't get started? Let me ask you this...Was there a magician at the event?...No you say? I thought so. You see, there is a direct correlation between magician and ambiance.

All joking aside, because magic is interactive, your guests will have collective experiences to share and discuss. This, if nothing else, will have your guests mingling and talking long after the show is over.

Make Unexpected Connections

Aesop said "United we stand" ... there's another part, but for the purposes of this blog all we need is "United we Stand". Because of the shared experiences I mentioned above, groups of people who probably wouldn't have naturally connected, will have a reason to come together. I'm not saying that magic will bring new friends together, but...magic will bring new friends together AND at your event no less.

Think of the Lasting Images

No, seriously, think of the fantastic photos you'll get out of your event. Whether they are taken by your event photographer, yourself, or your guests, the photos you get out of a close-up or stage magic show will be some of the best photos you'll get out of the evening. Not of the magician, but of your guests.

Here's why! When you are watching a magician perform, or are taking part in the performance yourself, there are always moments, no matter the effect, where the spectators experience a moment of confusion, bewilderment, or pure joy. If you capture any one of these moments on film you have the perfect lasting memory! Hang around the magician and you're sure to capture a myriad of special photos!

Here's a small collection to show you what I mean!

Arrange to Circumvent Abeyance

What does that mean... well, it's a fancy way of saying help your guests get through the inevitable down times during your event. The time when pictures are being taken, or in-between arriving at the party and the actual party getting started. The middle section of the party right after a dinner or presentation when there is nothing to do but sit at your table awkwardly, trying not to make eye contact with Greg in the hopes that you won't have to see him pull off his thumb again... (see what I did there? thats a call back to the entertainment and quality thing from before)

As a natural ice breaker, a magician such as myself can help keep the lulls in the party something to look forward to. Keeping your guests entertained while other vital matters are tended to. This is the perfect way to ensure your guests' spirits are high!

Uniqueness keeps'em Talking

Think back to the last wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or celebration that you went too... Now, try and remember who were you at the event with, or what you talked about. Better yet, do you remember what you had to drink, or what they served for supper? Can you remember? Maybe, probably not but maybe.

Now, try and think about the entertainment. Chances are you can remember the band or magician that was at the event... And if not at the last event you were at, you can think back to a specific time when you were at an event and the entertainment was extremely memorable! This is because entertainers make a lasting impression on you and your guests in a way that no other element of an event can.

Hire a magician and your event will be one for the books. When your guests reminisce about your event, they will surely bring up the moments where they were taken aback or astonished by the magician you had, making your event a talking point for years to come!

If you are looking to hire a magician for your next event... I know a guy who is just lying around... Drop me a line here or give me a call at (403)-894-9382!

If you're not looking to book a magician but you still want to get in touch to say hello, ask questions, or suggest topics for this blog, please do. I'm always happy to hear from you!

Until Next week,

Thanks for reading!


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